Dramatic Club

Dramatic Club:


All the students of the college are entitled to be members of the society. The Principal of the College shall be the Ex-Officio President of the dramatic Society. The affairs of the society shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the following members:

1. Principal - Ex-Officio President

2. Vice-President - one of the members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principal.

3. The Principal may nominate other members of the teaching staff other than the Vice-President to assist him in the due discharge of the function of the Vice-President of the Dramatic Society.

4. A Secretary from among +3 degree students and Assistant Secretary from among the first year/ second year degree students to be elected by all students of the College.

5. One representative from each of the classes voting separately.

The executive committee shall perform the following duties:

a. Prepare budget for the year.

b. To recommend to the President the name of the play to be staged and the dates of dramatic performance.

c. All the expenditure in connection with the drama is to be audited.

d. To sanction expenditure out of the reserve fund for purchase of property or for the upkeep or repairs or replacement of articles already purchased for the Dramatic Society.

e. To meet from time to time and to decide all other matters connected with the society.