Research and Consultancy

Research And Consultancy:


1. Dr. Asit Parija,Reader in Chemistry, Minor Research Project  "SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND APPLICATIONS OF METAL/METAL OXIDE NANOCOMPOSITES DERIVED FROM HETEROCYCLIC MONOMERS", Sanctioned by UGC vide letter no. F. No. PSO-026/14-15 (ERO) 03.02.2015. Sanctioned amount Rs. 3,00,000 (Project Completed).

2. Dr. Swati Panda, Reader in Zoology,  Minor Research Project " WATER QUALITY INDEX OF MAHANADI RIVER NEAR JAGATPUR INDUSTRIAL ZONE, CUTTACK DISTRICT, ODISHA", Sanctioned by UGC vide letter no. F. No. PSO-025/14-15 (ERO) 03.02.2015. Sanctioned amount Rs.3,00,000 (Project Completed).

3. Dr. Pravasini Devi, Reader in Education, Minor Research Project " A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN RELATION TO MENTAL HEALTH OF TRIBAL AND NON-TRIBAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS", Sanctioned by UGC vide letter no. F. No. PHO-067/14-15 (ERO) 03.02.2015. Sanctioned amount Rs. 2,00,000 (Project Completed).

4. Dr. Abhaya Kumar Roul, Reader in History, Minor Research Project " RADHANATH RATH : A STUDY OF HIS LIFE AND ACHIEVEMENT", Sanctioned by UGC vide letter no. F. No. PHO-068/14-15 (ERO) 03.02.2015. Sanctioned amount Rs. 1,25,000 (Project Completed).

5. Dr. Bichitra Nanda Dash, Reader in Physics, Minor Research Project " To study the Magneto-Electric response of single phase and composite Multiferroic by doping and swift heavy ion irradiation", Sanctioned by UGC vide letter no. F. No. PSO-024/14-15 (ERO) 03.02. 2015. Sanctioned amount Rs. 4,83,000 (Project Completed).


1. Dr. Ramesh Sethy, Lecturer in Zoology, was awarded Post Doctoral Fellowship in 2019 by National Institute of Health, USA. To work in Penn School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.