Rovers and Rangers

Rovers And Rangers:


Rovers and Rangers are the senior branch of Scout (boys) wing and Guide (girls) which is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race and creed to provide philanthropic services to the society on a base of purpose, principle and method.

The motto – Service

Principles: (1) Duty to self (2) Duty to God (3) Duty to others.

The Method: The Scout and Guide method is a system of progressive self-education through

It meets the needs of youth to adjust easily to the challenges for present day life and it contributes to the positive development of the society in which they live.

A Rover/ Ranger discover the world beyond the class room, tapping their skills to learn and passing that knowledge to others. It is a movement on the move, evolving and adapting everywhere according to local conditions, serving according to local needs; Rover/ Ranger are organized in small groups called Rover crews/ Ranger teams.

Enrolment: There is one Gents unit and one Girls unit i.e., one Rover crew and Ranger team. Each unit is formed with maximum 24 students under the leadership of trained faculty member called Rover leader/ Ranger leader. Enrolment is open to all students willing to render service to the institution and society. Enrolment form can be had from the Rover leader Dr. B. N. Dash, Reader in Physics and Ranger leader Mrs. Swati Mukta Sarangi, Lecturer in Home Science.

Discipline: It is must for all Rovers and Rangers while in field work, camp or in College to abide by the rules of Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Advantages: It is a way of life based on the law and promise. It is a series of activities with a lot of fun and play. Wonderful adventure and a happy commandership with his/ her peers in the team. Rovers/ Rangers are going to be responsible citizens, in the near future. This Rovering/ Rangering provides them a chance to take up the responsibility as a challenge with confidence through training in citizenship.

Thus he/ she develops his/ her self into a man/ woman, a responsible husband/ wife, strong in character, healthy in body and alert in mind with an attitude of helpfulness to others, one Rover/ Ranger may obtain Rastrapati award/ Governor award basing on his/ her performance.


  1. Service Camp at Bhubaneswar Lingaraj Temple and Ram Mandir on Mahashiratri. 20.02.20 to 22.02.2020
  2. Rovers Rangers Mini Jambori at Barunai, Khurda. 01.12.2019 to 07.12.2019.
  3. Blood Donation Camp.
  4. Road Safety Programme.


  1. Saumyshri Dalai. BA17-059
  2. Sarada Prasad Rana. BA17-251