1. Department of Mathematics Autonomy Seminar -(2019-20) Date - 22.11. 2019. TOPIC- Dynamical Systems And Fractals. Resource Person-Dr Tarakanta Nayak, Associate Professor, School of Basic Science, IIT Bhubaneswar.

2. Department of Sociology, Gender Sensitisation : Sexual harassment of Women in work place. 28.01.2020. Resource Person : Mrs. Namrata Chadha, Former Member of State Commission for Women and Present Member of Sexual Harassment Committee.

3. Autonomous Seminar , Deptt. of Statistics , Date-15.02.2020 Topic : Mathematical Models for Studying the Statistical Relationship R P : Dr. Priyaranjan Dash. Reader. P G Deptt. of Statistics Utkal university.

4. Dept of History , Autonomy seminar , Topic-importance of epigraphy, Date22.01.2020, Resource Person , Dr. Bharati pal, Curator odisha state museum.

5. Autonomous seminar of Zoology Department,2019-2020, Date-03.01.2020, Resource Person-Dr.Sharat Kumar Palita,Professor and Dean,Department of Biodiversity and Conservationof Natural Resources,Central University,Koraput. Topic Name-Conservation of Biodiversity and Climate Change.

6. Autonomy Seminar organized by Department of English on 26/01/2020, Resource Person:- Dr. Saroj Kumar Padhi, Associate Prof. of English JKBK College, Cuttack.

7. Autonomy Seminar Department of Home Science Date 02.03.2020, Resource Person Sandhya rani Mohanty, Lecture in Home Science, Banki Autonomous College, Banki, Topic_ “Problems of Adolescents”.

8. Botany - Topic: “C4 Rice: Toward food security under climate change.” Date-21.01.2020, Resource Person: Dr.M.J.Baig. Principal Scientist, ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack.

9. Education : “New Education Policy-2019 : Issues and Challenges.” Resource Person: Dr. Arun Kumar Samal, Asso. Prof. Education, and Dr. Saroj Kanta Choudhury, Asso. Prof. Education, Rajdhani College, Bhubaneswar. 20.11.2019.

10. Department of Physics. Autonomy Seminar. Date 11.02.2020, Resource Person Dr Debakanta Samal, Asso. Prof. of Physics, Institute of Physics , Bhubaneswar , Odisha , Topics : Emergent Electromagnetic phenomena in Designer Quantum Materials.

11. Workshop on "GANDHI AT 150" Organised by Dept .of Philosophy &Sociology. 20.02.2020.

12. World Philosophy Day observed on 01/02/20 in the afternoon.

13. Autonomous Seminar, Department of Sanskrit. Date -17.1.2020 Resource person - Dr. Niranjan Pati, HOD, Sailabala Womens College,Cuttack. Topic : A comparative study between Kiratarjuniyam and Sishupalabadham.

14. Philosophy – Autonomy seminar: Mahatma Gandhi: An Apostle of Non-Violence. Dr. Harish Chandra Sahoo, KIIS, Bhubaneswar, 01.02.2020.

15. Autonomy Seminar by Department of Chemistry on the topic “The Saga of Elements and their Internal Harmony” on 12.02.2020. Resource person – Dr. K. S. K. Varadwaj, Reader in Chemistry, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.

16. Autonomy seminar by department of Commerce on the topic “ Recent Changes in financial Report” on 21.01.2020. Resource person, Prof. (Dr.) D. V. Ramana, Professor of Accounting, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.

17. Autonomy seminar of Department of Odia on the topic “Panchasakha Sahityare Dharma Darshan” on 08.11.2019. Resource person, Dr. Pradeepta Kumar Panda, Associate Prefessor and H. O. D , in Odia, R. D. Women’s University, Bhubaneswar.