YRC(Youth Red Cross)



The Junior Red Cross Unit has been introduced from the Session 1976-77 in Salipur College, Salipur.


Junior Red Cross is organised for the purpose of inculcating in the children of the country, the ideal of peace and the practice of service,especially in relation to the case of their own health and that of other,the understanding and acceptance of civil and human responsibility,and the cultivation and maintenance of a spirit of friendly helpfulness towards other children in all countries the aims may be briefly summarised as follows:

a) The Promotion of health.

b) Service to the sick and suffering.

c) International friendliness.


There shall be a J.R.C. Unit in the College consisting of student volunteers and a member of the teaching staff who will function as Counsellor of the group and will remain in-charge of the activities.The desirous students may apply to the Counsellor on or before a stipulated date to enrol as the members of the J.R.C. group the next step is for the Counsellor to hold a meeting of those who have enrolled themselves as members. For election of office bearers namely Chairman, vice-Chairman and Secretary and also working out the programmes of activities to be taken up generally on the lines indicated there in.

3. FEES :

Rs. 6/- is to be collected from all students at the time of admission.Out of the total collection 20% will be sent as State share and the balance amount will be deposited in a Nationalized Bank for operation of funds of the Junior Red Cross Group. the Principal of the College may operate the account with the assistance of the counsellor.


The activities of the J.R.C. Group can be summarised as follows :

a) Practice of health habits.

b) The members will take up St. John's Ambulance Course in First


c) College hygiene.

d) Community hygiene.

e) Service to sick and suffering.

f) Voluntary Blood Donation Camp.

g) Organisation or Red Cross Volunteer Camp.

h) Home Service Welfare Work etc.