Principal's Message


It gives me immense pleasure to announce the 41st annual publication of the colleg*e calendar, 2016-17. It is undoubtly a very good information for all those assoc-iated with the college activities. It is more than a year book that contains its evolution, history, heritige and administrative mechanism. This informative booklet provides the profile of the institution at a glance.

I feel delighted to let you know that this Autonomous College that has completed halia century of its existence three years ago, has been soaring high like a swan and gaining momentum like a space craft to keep itself vibrant with activities. The college calendar enshrines in itself the rules and regulations formulated by the college for the proper guidance of the students enrolled in various streams. It would be of a great help to anyone interested in the history of the college, its faculty position, its academic programmes, the fee structure, various students societies and co-corricular activities' Hence, the college calendar is a compendium of rules and regulations framed by the college administration for the smooth saiiing of the College. It is a mirror to the queries of students, teachers, employees, parents and the public regarding all the happenings of the college.

'The college calendar is the final arbiter in the day today administration of the college,ensuring decency, discipline and decorum in every sphere.

 I am sure, it wilt cater to the need of every one interested in college affairs.I thank Dr. Bijayananda Singh and Prof. J. Rahim, Editor of College Calendar for their redentless efforts in publishing this year's calendar'.

I wish the publication a grand success-


                                                                                            Dr. UMESH CHANDRA PATI